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The Art Works displayed on The Site

All art work displayed on The Site are original art works created by Csilla Varga.

Art works ordered via The Site may be varied in size, appearance and colour than the images displayed on The Site. That is due to the individual nature of casting and patina works.

Csilla Varga do not guarantee availability of any art works on display on The Site. Availability details may be obtain by contacting Csilla Varga.

Refund Policy

1.  It is the buyer responsibility to ensure they view the item they ordered before paying (Viewing available items can be arranged with a mutual agreement).

2.  Items will be shipped in good condition and in good fait. Refunds will be offered only if item is damaged during delivery, subject to payment by the Insurance Company (All items will be insured).

3.  Claims for refunds must be send within 7 days of receiving the item by e-mail.